Panoura X-era Dental CBCTS

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Introducing the Panoura X-era: The Most Powerful Dental CBCT


    • 0.2 mm focal spot (smallest in the industry)

    • 16 bit sensor (highest in the industry)

    • Direct Conversion sensor

    • Manufactured in Japan

    • Clip FMX from Panoramic

    • Easy to Use and a Great Price

    • Integrates with all Major Software

  • Multiple Fields of View from 6 cm x 4 cm up to 16 cm x 8 cm

  • Ideal for all applications including Endo, Implants and Airway

  • Gorgeous Image quality at all levels

  • Low dosage mode emits less radiation than a traditional intraoral FMX exam

  • 2D Panoramic and Ceph Images in Ultra HD

  • Direct Conversion Sensor avoids extra transition step that degrades image quality with most panoramic x-ray sensors

  • TMJ and bitewings

  • Captures over 50 different panoramic layers in every scan so that even if technique is less than perfect, a fantastic image can be achieved

  • 16 bit sensor creates best-in-class contrast resolution

  • 2D images integrate with most major imaging software platforms

  • 3D images viewed throughout the office

  • 3D volumes are DICOM standard so can easily be imported into most major 3D imaging software, or used with any lab service

  • 3D volume can be converted to STL format

  • Colleagues can view 3D volumes sent to them even if they have no software other than Windows

  • Front-viewing patient positioning

  • Ceph model has option of dedicated ceph sensor

  • 360 degree rotation

  • Intuitive interface means less training and no mistakes

  • Simple positioning also enhances patient comfort

  • Integrates with all Major Software